PM Team Foundations

This story may sound familiar...

⭐ You built a great product that clearly solves a pain for its customers - congratulations! This is a rare achievement: most startups fail before getting any love from its users. You recently raised funding to start hiring more people. You are creating the organization that will make your ambitious vision come true.

🌊 But you are overwhelmed to run everything on your own and continue to play the PM role.
Having to manage your entire business while still defining all product details, coordinating engineering execution, facilitating customer development... Yeah, it might be the time to create your first product team. But I understand it's hard to find someone else to pass the ball to. How to even get started?

I can help you!

🙋 Most of my advising work in the past 5 years was helping startups facing this exact challenge.
Starting with sourcing and recruiting, I helped founders identify pools and profiles of great PM candidates. Moving on to onboarding and training, I help the new PMs ramp up and quickly shine.

👨‍👩‍👦 Startups that I've worked with were able to endure the growing pains and navigate smoothly through this phase.
They not only brough excellent people to their teams, but also created a strong product culture, ensuring a solid foundation for the years ahead.

What's covered?

What's the format?

It will depend on your needs. It can vary from individual consulting projects, to team training, to long-term advisory. I will share a proposal that aligns to your reality and objectives.


Let's schedule an intro call so I can learn more about you and your company.

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