Rafael Dahis


new startup

helping independent professionals thrive. transforming vision into product.


made it more accessible, affordable and compelling to international users

peixe urbano

In the fastest-growing startup in Brazil, increased invitations by 20x, Marketing ROI by 30% and Mobile Revenue by 3x.


helped students find info they needed -- and they loved it: the community has made 1M professors reviews so far!


involved from idea to launch to scale. Learned how to build production software and discovered product management.

help build


leading venture capital company in Brazil


VC fund focused on BR. other advisors include Mike Krieger (Instagram founder), Hugo Barra (VP Facebook)

startup advisor

ContaAzul, VivaReal, 99Taxis, EmpregoLigado and more... Interested? Send me an email!


Mentor/judge at 8 Startup Weekend Events, 2 Lean Startup Machine and many workshops at startup accelerators

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