Helping independent professionals run and grow their business, and clients find trusted professionals through referrals. Currently learning and iterating in NYC.


Shipped products to make Twitter more accessible, affordable and compelling to international users. I was PM for Emerging Markets - and later for Moments.

PEIXE URBANO (acquired by Baidu)

Largest local commerce internet company in Brazil. Winner of Crunchies Award in 2012. I was PM for Mobile and Growth.


Online Investment platform, democratizing funds previously restricted to qualified investors. I was a Software Engineer part of the founding team.



Leading venture capital company in Brazil. I advise startups when they start to build product teams.

startup advisor

I've been helping founders and mentoring PMs from different companies: ContaAzul, VivaReal, 99Taxis, EmpregoLigado and more... Interested? Email me!


Mentor at 8 Startup Weekend events, 2 Lean Startup Machine editions + workshops at startup accelerators

pet projects


Professor rating website for college students. Went viral on day 01, more than 10k organic signups. Now widespread across Brazil, with >500k users and >1M ratings.

Resumé review and interview training program. I help my wife productize and automate her consulting project, taking care of all the design and tech.

hashtag poesia

My poetry blog, saving some highlights of what I wrote the last 10 years

wordsmithing series

A visual dictionary: cataloging my favorite words in English (and how I see them) as I stumble upon new words here and there.

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