the why

During school, focused on machine learning and was about to continue to academia when I decided to build CarrascoMamata. Turns out it got quite popular in Brazil, and I fell in love with the entire process of designing, building and marketing a new product (and have been working in product management since then...)

I'm fascinated by products that level the playing-field, using technology to help people find opportunities, information and experiences that they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

At Prefer, we're helping independent professionals thrive (and continue independent) -- taking care of the back-office activities so they can focus on their craft and relationships.

On my free time, I'm either outdoors with my wife (trying to chase the sun if Karl The Fog permits), or enjoying a coffee while engaged in some sort of creative activity (music, design, code, poetry).

the what

Some products I was proud of shipping:

the how

Some of my beliefs in terms of process:

the where


Helping independent service professionals thrive: strengthen their brand and relationships, manage logistics easily, get new clients through referrals.
Read more about our mission as well as some stories from our early users.


Shipped products to make Twitter more accessible, affordable and compelling to international users. I was PM for Emerging Markets - and later for Moments.

PEIXE URBANO (acquired by Baidu)

Largest and fastest-growing local commerce company (Daily Deals, Food Delivery, Reservations) in LatAm. Winner of Crunchies Award 2012. I was PM for Mobile & Growth.


Online Investment platform, democratizing funds previously restricted to qualified investors. I was a Software Engineer part of the founding team.


Venture Advisor - Monashees Capital
Consultant / Freelancer - Several Startups

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